Pneumatic Lab Team in the Home Stretch


It’s the middle of April, it’s finally warming up and the pneumatic lab team from Purdue Polytechnic Institute can feel the end of the school year upon them. They’ve nearly completed their entire capstone project, but a couple steps remain for Gate 5. Building the lab...
Pneumatic Lab Team in the Home Stretch


With the second semester of the 2017-18 school year underway, our pneumatic lab team has now passed four of the six gates to completing their capstone project. They spent the last month or so working on Gate 4. This gate included creating design plans to build and...
Pneumatic Lab Team in the Home Stretch


According to the calendar, our student team has reached the halfway point – Gate 3 – on their pneumatic lab capstone project. That halfway point is a big one for Purdue Polytechnic Institute capstone teams. Our team joined 30 other capstone groups in the Purdue...
Pneumatic Lab Team in the Home Stretch


Last month, we gave a glimpse into a project we’re sponsoring for a team of students from Purdue Polytechnic Institute. They’re building what we’ve dubbed a pneumatic training lab for a senior capstone project. This lab package will offer practical, hands-on...
Pneumatic Lab Team in the Home Stretch


“That’s great…in theory.” We’ve all heard it – the insinuation that an idea is flawed because there doesn’t seem to be a real-life example of success. Companies like Proportion-Air, which offer only a few product series that can be customized for a wide...


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