Find a complete selection of aluminum oxide (alumina) products for chromatography as well as numerous industry applications.

From simple to complex our alumina products will perform either analytical or preparative chromatographic techniques at whatever scale is necessary

  • Laboratory
  • Pilot
  • Industrial process

Our full range of standardized aluminas is available with defined activities, pH values, and particle sizes. Each alumina is manufactured using GMP standards, ensuring the highest performance and lot-to-lot reproducibility with no scale-up limitations.

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Standard chromatographic techniques:

  • Flash chromatography
  • Classic column chromatography
  • MPLC, HPLC, TLC, and DCC

Special techniques:

  • Remove peroxides from solvents
  • Purify solvents for UV-spectroscopy
  • Natural product purification and decolorization
  • Remove heavy metals
  • Clean-up, dioxin analysis, and separation of isotopes

For custom aluminas:

  • Customize properties to your specifications
  • Modifiable porosities, surface area, and particle distributions

Industrial processes and cleanup applications:

  • For water purification
  • Fertilizer for lawns and golf courses
  • Various other industry applications


Acidic Neutral Basic
Plant extraction Ketosteroids Purification of organic solvents
Fatty acids Glycosides Synthetic bases
Plant waxes Vitamins Dehydration of ethers
Azobenzene Removal of pyrogens Removal of pyrogens
Food dyestuffs Dehydration of organic solvents Natural and synthetic dyestuffs
Determination of morphine Alkaloids Hydrocarbons
Determination of diphenyl Antibiotics Alkaloids
Essential oils Purification of organic solvents
Plant extraction Insecticides
Enzymes Clarification of fatty oils
Hormones Removal of alcohol from chloroform
Diesel exhaust Plant extraction
Pharmaceutical compounds Essential oils
Fly agaric