Preparative TLC is used for purification and isolation of analytes from impurities on a larger scale than traditional TLC.

Prep TLC is a fast, inexpensive, and useful technique for the purification of small quantities of sample. It permits a rapid separation and isolation/recovery of components in a reaction mixture.

For preparative purposes, different layer thicknesses are available (500 µm, 1000 µm, and 2000 µm).

For 2000 µm preparative layers a slightly coarser material is used.

The isolated spots can be scraped from a prep plate, collected, and used for further downstream analysis.


  • Separation and purification from milligram to gram quantities
  • Thicker layers than classical TLC for higher sample loading volumes
  • Rapid and cost-effective identification/isolation of compounds from a reaction
  • Offline qualitative evaluation of purity during a process
Prep TLC Plates


TLC Loading and Resolution Guide

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